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My name is Chirag Patel. As an critical thinker, innovator, entrepreneur, technology connoisseur, and avid reader, I find myself constantly hypothesizing solutions to many of our problems, of which, we're aware and unaware. The ideas range from technology to medical to social issues to psychology. Of course, the first instinct is to create a sustainable business from it; however, after much pondering, I've realized there are some ideas which are too important for our society and humanity in general to wait for me to create a product. As an individual, it is a much longer and strenuous process to bring some of my ideas to fruition, for which I don't believe we have time to wait. I have seen some version of my ideas become a reality by other companies as that is bound to happen in the age of ingenuity. The question isn't "If it will happen?" The question is "When will it happen?" As I understood the importance of these ideas, I decided the lives that can be affected are not worth the wait for me to materialize my ideas myself and that's what drove me to create this website. 

I have a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I will continue to work on the project in which I have expertise; however, simultaneously I will continue to post them on this site as well in hopes that as more eyes see these concepts, greater minds can materialize these concepts faster. The papers and articles will continue to be updated on here as I make more findings in my research. Consider this an open-source platform for ideas. 

The posts here are meant to create a starting point and foundation to build upon. 

If want to contribute to this think tank or collaborate with me, you can email me at

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